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Technology is here to stay and it changes our world every single day.  It gives us access to unlimited information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  No longer is the school the 'source' of knowledge for students as many have a device in their pockets that can instantly connect them to any subject the teacher discusses.  How does this impact the classroom?  How do you 'teach' in this new world?  What will education look like in the future?  Who will decide what education looks like in the future?  There are many theories that attempt to answer these questions, but the reality is this:  We don't know.  We must turn to experts to determine how to best prepare for the future.  These experts are in our communities and schools.  Our best teachers are our closest link to the future.  They have the tools, the expertise, and the passion to CREATE the future of education.  They only need three things:  INSPIRATION, COLLABORATION and TIME.


Hear from local teachers about the amazing things they are doing in their classrooms.  Listen to WHY they are using these new techniques and then learn HOW to do them yourself.


No one has all of the answers.  We rely on a team of teachers to CREATE new things.  Imagine what our team coupled with your content specialists can CREATE for your school.  EDGEtech offers a variety of professional development options that can be customized to fit your needs.  We can help you form a task force that develops curriculum or we can offer you daily support.


This is perhaps the most crucial piece to the puzzle.  We believe that true innovation cannot be scripted or scheduled.  If school administrators can provide consistent time, we can provide the inspiration and collaboration necessary to create an environment of true innovation.  Time, by our definition, is UNALLOCATED and PAID.

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