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curriculum development

The textbook era is over.  At least in the way that textbooks, for decades, served as the main source of content for students.  The traditional textbook is a stagnant, one-size-fits all, inefficient way to offer content to students.  Teachers have been supplementing the shortcomings of textbooks for so long that it has become the accepted norm.  With the technology available today, we must culturally divorce ourselves from the textbook world.  We need to turn to the real experts: our teachers.  When they are allowed the freedom to develop their own curriculum they will revolutionize the classroom.  That is, if it's done correctly.  EDGEtech has developed a process that allows teachers the freedom to work with their peers to create a dynamic, living and breathing curriculum at a fraction of the traditional cost.  Oh by the way, this service is included in THE NETWORK at no additional cost, teachers get paid real money AND receive free graduate credits at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Request more information.

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