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Summer 2015: The Pioneers

EDGEtech: Educational Technology Solutions launched in November of 2014 and we immediately began preparing for summer 2015 which would become a summer of firsts. Twelve local teachers (and brave souls) took on the role of our educational entrepreneurs in June of 2015. It was inspirational to see teachers from ACGC, BBE, and BOLD working side-by-side to enhance their teaching. It was not uncommon for a few of our teachers to find a quite space at WORKUP for long stretches of time to discuss teaching philosophy. Everyone learned every day. Following the guidelines established by EDGEtech the group realized quickly how large of a project developing digital curriculum would be. These teachers played the leading role in developing the 'best practices' EDGEtech relies on to facilitate the creation of new curriculum. We cannot thank Adam Gregory (BBE), Carrie Halvorson (BBE), Michelle Hansen (ACGC), Sheila Jaeger (BBE), Mimi Knutson (BBE), Erin Koshiol (BBE), Kristy Maher (BOLD), Sarah MacDonald (BBE), Mandi Primus (BBE), Angela Walsh (ACGC), and Casey Zehrer (BBE) enough for their hard work and talent.

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